Our Factory, settled just near our quarry consists of 63.982 sq. meters open, 14.130 sq. meters roofed area. Our production capacity is 600.000 sq. meters / year. There are high-technology Pedrini made 4 Gang Saws, 6 Block cutters, 1 Chamfering Machine, 2 Complete Slab Polishing Lines, 2 Tile Lines, 4 Bridge Sawing Machines, 2 Resin Lines (30 Slabs/hour capacity), 2 Cross Cutting Machines, 2 Splitting Machines, and 1 Zonato in our factory.

Our 244 hectare Bilecik Beige Quarry which takes place near Yarhisar – Okluca has been active since 1998. The annual production capacity of our quarry which works continuously all year long is 20.000 cubic meters.

We have been carrying out our production without harming the environment with our 2 refining facilities built up in accordance with the standarts.



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